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Keeping things clean, with commercial flooring in Perth WA

Keeping a floor clean sometimes feels like the labour of Sisyphus. The Greek king was punished for his deceitfulness by being made to push a boulder up a hill only for it to roll away from him, in an act, which he was doomed to repeat for all eternity. Isn’t that how it feels when you’ve vacuumed a floor, only to see it dirty again the next day, or even a few hours if you run a busy operation.

Thankfully, if you do all the correct preparation work on your new surface and you get the right form of industrial flooring in Perth laid at your business premises, keeping it pristine will be simple.


Before you can even think about laying your new floor, there’s important preparation to be done:

  • Floor removal
  • Laying of concrete screed, for stability
  • Repairing existing concrete
  • Crack and expansion joint repair
  • Grinding, to remove contaminants

All these factors, when taken care of in the early stages of laying a new floor, will optimise the end product and make it easier to care for.

Choose your commercial flooring solution

Just as laying carpet in a home bathroom might not always be the most appropriate solution to a flooring problem, think about what your floor will be subject to on a day-to-day basis before you choose your covering.

If it’s going to have forklift trucks constantly rumbling over it, you’re going to need something much more heavy duty than office carpet tiles from Perth that only need to cope with the shoes of desk-based staff.

There’s a variety of commercial floor coverings and commercial vinyl flooring tiles that could be suitable for your needs. It’s just a case of choosing what’s best for you.

What types of coating are there?

It’s not as simple as ‘concrete’ or ‘vinyl’ or ‘carpet’ when selecting commercial flooring in Australia.

There’s a whole range, including:

  • Commercial carpets and carpet tiles
  • Commercial grade vinyl flooring and vinyl plank flooring
  • Commercial rubber flooring
  • Commercial epoxy flooring, which prevents slippage of feet and traffic
  • Laminate, wood and hardwood flooring
  • Kitchen floor tile, kitchen vinyl flooring and commercial kitchen rubber flooring

Of course, a lot of these covering choices will be dependent on your budget. While there’s undoubtedly cheap commercial flooring out there, the commercial vinyl flooring price needs to be right.

Keeping vinyl, rubber and epoxy floors clean

These methods of flooring don’t soak up moisture in the same way as a carpet might not, so they’re easy to keep clean using commercial mops and buckets. A floor buffer will keep them looking their best too.

If chemicals are a hazard in the workplace that you’re re-flooring, PurCem floors can ensure that any spillages won’t do any harm to the surface whilst at the same time making it durable to everyday erosion.

This form of flooring isn’t just suitable for the factory or other place of industry though. If you’re on the lookout for floor covering for your fitness centre, commercial gym flooring can also be maintained in the same ways.

With the traffic pounding the floor not being the most strenuous, keeping it clean should be as easy as putting your back into it with a mop – so long as the health centre’s patrons wear the appropriate shoes on the surface!

Carpets and carpet tiles

The pile may not be as deep as what you step onto when you get out of bed every morning, or the same kind as that which covers your living room or dining room, but looking after office carpets follows the same principles as looking after the carpets in the home.

There may be a bit more wear and tear because of the number of people who walk over it, but a resilient carpet tile will need to be vacuumed and treated to the same methods as domestic carpets when they’re subject to ground-in dirt.

Kitchen floor tiles and vinyl coverings

‘Would you like a tea or a coffee?’ is a question asked in offices up and down the land, and is as much a part of life for those who work in them as the sound of the photocopier whirring or the phone ringing. And as those tea bags are squeezed on the side of a cup to get as much of its juice into the drink, you can be sure that a drip from it is just waiting to splash onto the kitchen floor.

Like its domestic counterparts, your commercial kitchen floor tile needs to be able to cope with all that a food and drink preparation area has to throw at it. Spills can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth, while surface dirt and other debris can be swept up and dealt with using a dustpan and brush.

Keeping you spick and span

Floorscapes’ dedicated maintenance team can keep your commercial grade flooring at peak condition throughout Perth and regional WA.

If there’s a problem with commercial timber flooring or even commercial bamboo flooring, Floorscapes are on hand to help you with their decades of experience, high quality workmanship and best work practices as they go about their work with the minimum of disruption to you.

Make your floor plan work for you

Of course, any other work which needs doing with your commercial carpets, office flooring or vinyl flooring can be undertaken by any of Floorscapes’ dedicated tradesmen.

There will eventually come a point when maintenance has to be sacrificed in favour of a totally new flooring project. And when that time comes, you can be sure that there’s a flooring solution out there that will give you the best-looking floor, using the right material, at the right price – and Floorscapes will guide you along every step of the way in laying it.

You can find us at Suite 1/46 Conquest Way, Wangara WA 6065, call us to on 08 6305 0620 or email info@floorscapes.com.au.