9 January 2018 digimon

Why Your Commercial Flooring Needs Regular Scheduled Maintenance

When you run a business, you have a million things to think about every day, and your flooring probably isn’t one of them. You may give it a quick vacuum at the end of each day, or mop up any spills, but that’s often the extent that people look after their flooring. However, if you invest in commercial flooring in Perth, then it’s important to take care of it. Flooring makes a big difference to the look of an office or shop, and keeping it clean helps promote a healthier work environment. From a deep clean to a coat of varnish, here’s why it’s important to schedule maintenance of your flooring.

Minimising wear and tear

Commercial flooring is made for high-traffic use, but there are ways you can keep it lasting even longer. This means you get more for your money, and have commercial flooring that looks good and creates the best possible first impression. Some ways you can minimise wear and tear include:

  • Deep cleaning — removing all dust and dirt particles prevents abrasion over time
  • Re-grouting – grout on your floor tiles protects them from liquids, so re-grouting helps them look good for longer
  • Re-finishing – once varnish has worn, floors can get damaged, so re-varnishing adds protection
  • Repairs – if one part of your floor becomes damaged and isn’t fixed, this can cause further issues

Some simple maintenance can ensure you get the longest life out of your flooring, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of replacing it in a few years.

Protecting your investment

As with any money spent on your business, new flooring is an investment, and you want to ensure it’s not wasted. When you buy commercial carpets in Perth, you want it to encourage customers to come in, or create a pleasant work environment for staff. The money you spend on flooring has a tangible effect on your business, and keeping it looking good means you know you’ve spent wisely.

Saving time

Having new flooring installed means that rooms have to be cleared and furniture moved, which takes time. While you can minimise disruption by doing this at the weekend, there’s still company time and resources being used. Looking after your commercial flooring in Australia saves you time in the long term. It means longer between flooring replacements, so less time organising them.

Keeping people safe

Whether it’s staff, customers, or visitors, you have a duty to keep people safe when they’re on your premises. That’s why commercial kitchen floor tile and other specialist floors are so important, helping to avoid slips and trips. Some dangers from poorly maintained flooring include:

  • Worn patches
  • Warped or buckled areas
  • Mould
  • Gaps
  • Worn coatings

These are all hazardous to the people in your workplace, and can be avoided by scheduling regular maintenance. However, if you spot any of these issues in-between maintenance, you should get them repaired straight away. It’s worth remembering that if someone trips on your premises due to negligence, such as a broken carpet tile, they may be able to take your organisation to court which can cost you a lot of money.

Legal requirement

Further to the above, you have a legal requirement to have safe flooring in commercial properties. When you have commercial office flooring installed, your business has a legal duty to keep it clean and well-maintained. WorkSafe assessments will often look at flooring to ensure it’s safe and fit for purpose, especially in areas such as restaurants and factories where safety is top priority.

Creating a good first impression

When customers and visitors visit your workplace, those first seconds count, and any rips, scuffs, stains or other damage will soon be noticed. Nothing is more annoying than investing in high-quality flooring, but having the look overshadowed because someone has made a stain. When scheduled maintenance is carried out, commercial floor tiles can be replaced, stains can be removed, and any rips and tears can be fixed. Your flooring is a big part of the overall look of your workplace, so don’t let it get ruined and spoil your carefully chosen décor.

A quick refresh

Sometimes, your workplace just feels like it needs a refresh and a deep clean, and this can encourage staff to keep your office or store tidy. By polishing your commercial grade laminate flooring or adding a new coat of varnish, you can easily refresh your décor. It doesn’t cost a lot, and it makes a big difference.

Easy care

Floor that is generally well-maintained is easier to care for on a day to day basis. If flooring is neat and free of damage, then it simply needs a quick vacuum at the end of the day, or can easily be wiped down. By scheduling regular maintenance, you make life easier for your staff and can save time in the long run.


No matter how well your staff clean the floors at the end of the day, there will always be nooks and crannies that aren’t completely cleaned. In order to keep the best hygiene standards, a regularly scheduled deep clean is necessary, and means you can be sure high levels of cleanliness are kept. If you schedule this for after-hours, you can be sure that people won’t be in the way, and that the floor is properly dried before people walk across it.

Commercial flooring is a great investment for your workplace, and is made to last for many years, even in areas with high traffic. However, regular maintenance is needed to prevent wear and tear, and keeping flooring looking its best. This maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive, just a deep clean and a few repairs can prevent further damage, but it can save you a lot of money and time in the long run. When you have commercial flooring installed, make sure you read the care instructions and ensure you make up a maintenance schedule, protecting your floor and keeping it looking good for longer.