What is commercial flooring?

Great design and infrastructure is the foundation of a great business and happy customers. You cannot build a great gym on a weak foundation. The first step in ensuring a strong foundation is by choosing the right gym flooring. Gym flooring is ideal for sports facilities at home, fitness suites, dance halls and areas used for group activities such as yoga and judo. This requires the consideration of many different aspects as it creates a lasting impression on the customers. The herculean task of selecting the right flooring is made really simple with the guidance and commercial flooring services catered by Floorscapes.

The importance of good Gym Flooring:

  • Ambience: Commercial flooring adds an aesthetic value to the place and complements the ambience of the gym. Once the customers appreciate the ambience, they are there to stay, or else they will leave for better ones. Good gym floorings act as the foundation to a booming business that every owner wishes for.
  • Safety: A strong and durable surface is a must for any gym. It ensures that there is sufficient grip on the machinery and equipment in order to prevent unintentional movement which in turn prevents unnecessary injury.
  • Cleanliness: Since the business in question is a gym, it is important to maintain good hygiene to prevent any probable illnesses. Gym is one place where members’ sweat or even dust, dirt odour and bacteria would accumulate and inevitably end up on the equipment, machines and the floor. In order to prevent such a situation, it is essential to have an easy-clean floor surface.
  • Durable: The gyms contain heavy machinery and they are intensively used. The temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate all year round. Good flooring would survive and sustain through all of that.

How to choose the right commercial flooring?

Determining what style of gym flooring you prefer, whether that is a roll out flooring, individual mats, or interlocking tiles, is often a personal choice. Rolls are often used in larger areas whereas tiles are used more often in home gyms. Either option is fairly easy for the average home or gym owner to install on their own. Rubber mats are often thicker and used as a portable solution where heavy weights may be dropped and foam mats are used where extra cushioning capacity is needed for people.

In case of specialised zones or areas there can be mixed flooring or just a single type of flooring. Since the flooring will be the first thing installed the following points have to be considered before zeroing down on any type of flooring.

  1. What each zone/area is going to be?
  2. Where each zone/ area will be?
  3.  What type of flooring material is needed?
  4.  What equipment is needed?
  5.  How are the humidity and temperature levels like?
  6.  Do you need noise and vibration reducing gym-flooring?

Types of commercial flooring:

Gym flooring is available in a variety of styles and materials. The two most common materials are rubber and foam. Rubber is more durable, has anti-slip properties, and is the flooring of choice for commercial gyms. Foam offers a lighter weight material that is not quite as durable. The advantages to using foam are that it is an excellent insulator, is portable, and often costs less than rubber gym flooring solutions. Other types of flooring available are:

  • Broadloom carpet flooring: Engineered from wool, wool blends and nylon fibre types, our world class machinery and equipment consistently delivers superior quality product to our commercial clients every day.
  • Commercial carpet tiles: Carpet Tile patterns are unrefined, with no set beginning or end. Its colour ways show dramatic variation from carpet tile to carpet tile. Choose any palette and watch colours melt into each other, rendering remarkably soft and endlessly random effects.
  • Commercial rubber flooring: Rubber impact-tiles are composed of polymerically bound recycled rubber and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) colour flecks, and have a high density. The impact-tiles have been tested for slip resistance in wet and dry conditions, tensile strength, CRF fire rating and VOC emissions.
  • Vinyl sheets: There are a wide range of vinyl sheets that act as great flooring. They come in a range of brighter colours and appearance that last throughout the life of the product. They are easy to install. They provide maximum hygiene with Sanosol® bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment. They have been tested for anti-slip performance and got through unscathed.
  • Commercial vinyl flooring: The vinyl tile range is designed with commercial specifications in mind. Its large format layer vinyl floor tiles are quick to install. They include fresh, contemporary stone flooring effects. We cater to you commercial grade vinyl flooring
  • Commercial vinyl plank flooring: Vinyl Plank Flooring option suitable for residential applications including bedrooms, kitchen and living areas and also moderate commercial applications such as retail, office, hospitality and aged care. They consist of a realistic reproduction of wood featuring surface textures, polyurethane (PUR) surface treatment to assist on-going maintenance. It has a quieter underfoot and has high impact resistance.
  • Commercial expoxy flooring: Epoxy flake flooringsystem is an attractive durable flooring system incorporating hard-wearing epoxy base coat, colourful decorative flakes and glossy resilient clear sealer which accentuates the decorations underneath. Its exquisiteness and durability suits diverse application, from domestic to industrial flooring Floor applications such as bathroom, shower toilets, commercial shops, restaurants and workshops have been extensively applied.
  • Tactile flooring: Tactile indicators are used for the orientation of pedestrians with vision impairment. The Tactile Indicators provide an early warning for impending hazards and to give guidance to enable the person ease of access up and down ramps and stairs.

If you still have any questions about which commercial flooring solution would be right for you or need to place an order for affordable and cheap commercial flooring from outstanding and experienced commercial flooring, please feel free to contact us and unearth the most cost effective solution for you, irrespective of what the final outcome looks like for us. We don’t settle for anything below 10 out of 10, and neither should you.