Laminate flooring is popular today than ever before, both for use in the home and in commercial properties. With manufacturers offering a higher quality of the latest ranges, it means the quality and choice available to buyers, makes it an incredibly attractive option. It’s even more important in commercial flooring solutions because laminate flooring is hard-wearing and economical in comparison with other hard-floor options like commercial rubber flooring, commercial kitchen floor tile, commercial office flooring, commercial vinyl flooring tiles or commercial wood flooring. On top of that, today’s laminates offer better styling and performance so you don’t have to compromise on design.  Commercial flooring Perth experts Floorscapes, offer their advice on understanding the properties and rating of a laminate material to help you decide which commercial flooring solution is ideal for your business.

The laminate structure

A good sturdy commercial laminate flooring will consist of four layers. All commercial flooring, from commercial timber flooring to commercial bamboo flooring and commercial vinyl plank flooring to commercial hardwood flooring, supplied by Floorscapes has been produced to the highest of standards. Right at the bottom consists the balancing layer, which comprises the majority of the material. It helps keep the board straight and stable and acts as a moisture resistant.

Next comes the core of the commercial laminate flooring – a high-density fibre board. Made from wood fibres and resin it is stronger than medium-density fibre material. The former helps to ensure that boards slot perfectly together because it can be precisely milled. It is also DIY friendly.

On top of this, lays the decorative print layer that represents the surface of the commercial laminate flooring and gives it its look. The high-quality image will give the exact replica of the desired finish. So, whether you’re looking for a commercial hardwood flooring look or a commercial rubber flooring effect, a high-resolution of the image will help do this. You can have fun with the numerous prints out there like stone, wood or random patterns. This layer is completed with a protective layer of resin. The commercial laminate flooring is completed with a clear overlay that is both transparent and wear-resistant. Its job is to seal and protect the floor surface from any stains, scratches or dents. And where as carpets can become discoloured due to sunlight, commercial laminate flooring will not fade away because the overlay sheet shields it from ultraviolet rays. The finish of the overlay can be gloss or matt depending on the customers’ needs and desired look.

Advantages of commercial laminate flooring

As you can imagine, there are both advantages and disadvantages to any of your commercial flooring solutions including commercial laminate flooring. Commercial flooring Perth experts Floorscapes have outlined the pros and cons of commercial laminate flooring to help you make the right decision for your floor needs.

When it comes to commercial flooring solutions, laminate is king thanks to its durability properties. It can withstand burns, stains, dents and scratches.

Commerical laminate flooring can resist fading away due to sunlight. Unlike the commercial carpet tiles Perth offices have, commercial laminate flooring does not yellow when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, using laminate flooring where windows allow plenty of light makes sense.

Commercial laminate flooring is far easier to install than its commercial hardwood flooring or commercial kitchen floor tile counterparts. Furthermore, unlike commercial grade vinyl flooring, a laminate floor doesn’t need a hardboard subfloor. They can also be laid over an existing floor, which can save a lot of hassle.

Commercial laminate flooring is also easier to clean as it requires little maintenance. This is great for customers who have a large surface area to cover and keep cleaning costs to a minimum

Laminate is also eco-friendly so great news for the green-thinking customer. A large percentage of commercial laminate flooring is often produced from recycled materials. And once it has reached the end of its cycle, commercial laminate flooring can be recycled into energy or agricultural filler. The laminate itself is chemically stable and does not contain allergens or release VOC emissions. Commercial flooring Perth based experts Floorscapes say using commercial laminate flooring can help your company to be recognised as being ecologically responsible.

With a wide range of commercial laminate flooring solutions, customers can have any area, from canteens and kitchens to stairs and offices covered. It is also easier to match commercial laminate flooring to commercial kitchen floor tile, commercial rubber flooring, or any other floors thanks to the trims and mouldings available.

Disadvantages of commercial laminate flooring

As with anything, there may be problems you need to consider when it comes to commercial laminate flooring. This will of course, depend on customers’ needs.

Even though modern commercial laminate flooring is sturdy and can withstand stains, burns and dents, damage from a heavy object upon impact or a deep scratch can still pose a problem. Unlike commercial hardwood flooring, commercial laminate flooring cannot be refinished. But similar to commercial kitchen floor tile damage, faulty planks can be replaced.

Commercial laminate flooring can sound hollow or appear noisy when walked on. But opting for the right level of thickness and underlay should solve the problem.

Commercial laminate flooring can tend to be slippery so it is best be cautious when walking on it, especially when wet from cleaning. Having said that, modern commercial laminate flooring is finished to a good standard and this is less of a problem.

Increase moisture situations can be a problem with commercial laminate flooring as it can lead to warping of laminates. This is especially the case if there is a pooling of water on the floor. So be careful when investing in cheap commercial flooring. Commercial flooring Perth advisors at Floorscapes can help guide you on this.

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