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Industrial floor coating services

Hardwearing flooring solutions!

You name it we’ve installed it. We’re the Schwarzenegger of industrial flooring, with experience in applying a wide variety of industrial coverings and coatings to withstand the toughest of environments. This includes industrial plants (involved with manufacturing, processing, production), warehouses, workshops, refineries, retail stores, hospitals, schools and food preparation facilities throughout the Perth metro area and greater WA.

Nonslip Epoxy

A popular heavy duty floor treatment that provides long lasting anti slip results. Suitable for both foot and vehicle traffic.

Factory sealer

Designed to prolong the life of your floor for areas constantly hammered by production, pedestrians, forklifts and chemicals.

Moisture barriers

A crucial component for certain flooring systems aimed to protect your floor against moisture or vapour damage.

Line marking

Ask us how we can help keep your workers safe with our factory and warehouse line marking solutions.

PurCem floors

Ideal for flooring that requires resistance to chemicals and durability against abrasion and mechanical damage.


A floor coating solution that gives off a seamless glossy finish and provides superior resistance against many elements.

Decorative Epoxy

Contemporary flooring for high traffic areas exposed to public settings requiring a little pizazz.

Chevron marking

Perfect for high risk areas that need to make workers or pedestrians aware of their surroundings.

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