Non Slip Epoxy

Epoxy flooring systems

Just because you need an industrial floor doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good, and it doesn’t get any better than an Epoxy floor. It’s a practical concrete floor sealer that provides a number of lasting benefits including:

  • Durable: A high-quality epoxy floor will remain solid and usable for a very long time – some are nearly indestructible and will withstand the brut force of heavy machinery, temperature variations, caustic chemicals, constant forklift traffic or repeated cleaning, a properly installed concrete floor sealer will continue to perform.
  • Easy to maintain: Epoxy flooring creates a non-porous, seamless surface where dirt, mould and bacteria can find no place to hide. Epoxy floors resist staining and can be quickly cleaned with normal cleaning devices.
  • Safe: Epoxy floors are slip resistant, and they can be made even safer with a variety of textured finishes or non-slip coatings. They also promote good health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi.
  • Attractive: There are so many different colour and texture options to choose from, including the Epoxy decorative range
  • Versatile: When properly installed by a skilled technician, Epoxy floors can cover wood, concrete, VCT, tile, and most other typical industrial and commercial floors.
  • Environmentally friendly

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