Floor Preparation

Out with the old and in with the new!

Before you can marvel at the finished product, there are firstly some important steps we need to take. With every kind of surface come varying levels of floor preparation. The extent and effectiveness of the groundwork we do does have a direct impact on the life of your floor.

We’ll assess your situation and talk you through what’s required in order to achieve the most superior flooring solution. And you’ll be surprised at how quickly we can turn it all around.

Floor removals

In order to get your new floor in the old one has to come out. We’ll strip it all back until it’s bare and get it primed for the next stage.

Concrete repairs

From structural repairs to waterproofing, we’ll assess the problem and rectify it without any delays to your project.

Concrete grinding

We use top of the range equipment and machinery to remove contaminants off your floor surface.

Engineered screeding

A vital and necessary step to help ensure a top level finish and extend the overall life of your new floor.

Crack & expansion joint repair

We’ll ascertain the quickest and best way to handle any repairs to your cracks and expansion joints.

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